Understanding Multiple Leadership Methodologies For Higher Education Essay

Understanding Multiple Leadership Methodologies For Higher Education Essay

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Understanding multiple leadership methodologies is critical when facing the surfeit of problems that emerge when managing the diverse population found in higher education (Nworie, 2012; Wang & Berger, 2010). In order to understand and apply leadership methodologies effectively, leadership cannot be studied in a singular context, but must be explored in complex settings and using methodologies that fit the needs of the situation, the organization, and the people involved (Bass, 2008). To demonstrate knowledge of leadership theories and knowledge of how those theories are applied in different context, the discussion is divided into two parts. The first portion will discuss 4 theories in educational leadership, provide examples of how each theory has been applied in higher education, discuss controversies and criticism surrounding each theory, and compare and contrast each theory. The second portion will discuss one leadership theory in detail to include how the theory adds to leadership in education, how the theory adds to my personal understanding of leadership of higher education, and address unanswered questions and possible controversies not identified earlier.
Higher Education Leadership Theories
Building a repertoire of leadership methodologies applicable to higher education is beneficial for administrators or those interested in moving into administrative positions. What follows is an examination of transactional, transformational, situational, and servant leadership to include characteristics of each theory, and an example of how each theory was applied in higher education. Additionally, a discussion of the similarities and differences between each theory as applied to higher education and leadership in higher education is ...

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..., 2012). Situational leadership does not necessarily focus on internal or external motivational factors, but instead is helpful to addresses problems situationally using methods appropriate for the maturity level of the followers (McCleskey, 2014; Nworie, 2012). Servant leadership is useful to promote the needs of the follower over the needs of the leader (Bass, 2008; Burch et al., 2015; Northouse, 2010). Personally, while developing an understanding of multiple leadership methodologies has been helpful, transformational leadership has yielded profound effects on my leadership style. Understanding the need to demonstrate a shared vision to my team of faculty, inspiring them to go beyond the expectations of WGU, and fostering their self-actualization, thereby, possibly increasing their job satisfaction and retention are of benefit in my online educational environment.

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