Understanding Multi Camera Techniques, Location and Viewers with TV Sitcom and Other Examples

Understanding Multi Camera Techniques, Location and Viewers with TV Sitcom and Other Examples

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Assignment, Understanding Multi Camera Techniques
Coverage of action
Coverage of action means the use of multiple cameras in a television production to cover all of the action that is in the scene.
An example of this I have used is in the TV sitcom: ‘The I.T Crowd Season 1Episode 2 Calamity Jen (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8Y1q9RqBfc) - this scene shows two characters discussing what one of them has eaten and a stress machine the other character has built and another character soon enters in later doing funny movements trying to show off the shoes. The scene is set in the IT department room. The coverage is based mostly on them talking and physical action such as one of them eating, the other testing a stress machine and the third character walking funny. At 0:00 the scene opens with a establishing shot which was used by the director to show the viewer’s and the audience where the characters are which is the I.T Department room where they all work. The mid shot at 0:01 is used to show ‘Moss’ at his desk and also his confused and shocked reaction to ‘Roy’ eating even more food by asking him what he is eating. The camera then cuts to a long shot of the two characters with Roy replying to Moss’ question while continuing to eat the muffin. At 0:20 the camera cuts to a close up of the stress machine Moss was talking about previously to show the viewers what it looks like as it is too small to see from other camera shots, it is also used by the director to show us the star of the shot which is the stress machine, also this is used to show the stress machines reaction to Moss asking himself a question which is used for a humorous affect so the audience and viewers can see and laugh at it. At 0:28 there is a l...

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...the camera operators as the audience can be in the way of the view for filming wanted camera shots. However Directors and Camera Operators overcome this problem and film footage using cameras that go over the audience so they don’t get in the way.
Simultaneous recording
Is essential when recording the chat show The Graham Norton Show because it involves real reactions from the audience, guests and presenter that you can’t repeat, such as the laughter from the audience or cheering. It is also because it can be an interview and so it must keep a good flow as a discussion and/or conversation to keep the natural feeling between the guests and the presenter. Also because this show is performed in front of a live audience and because it has to make sense to the audience; simultaneous recording means they don’t have to stop after just a few lines which would kill the flow.

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