Understanding Issues in Organizational Behavior

Understanding Issues in Organizational Behavior

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Understanding Issues in Organizational Behavior
The understanding issues in organizational behavior simulation involved the human resource manager finding resolutions to the recent escalated issues such as stress and motivation in the maintenance department and other areas of Carter-Porter Regional Airport. Another issue in the simulation was intolerance and misunderstanding toward other cultures in the organization. All of the issues in the simulation would have a major impact on the organizations performance and the organizational culture if they were not attended to in the right manor.
The first section in the simulation dealt with stress. Stress is “a state of tension experienced by individuals facing extraordinary demands, constraints, or opportunities” (George & Jones, 2005). The stress illustrated in the simulation was dysfunctional stress. Maintenance personnel need to perform additional tasks due to the increased workload from the rise in air traffic. The stress can be described as in the form of job burnout. Job burnout is “a loss of interest in and satisfaction with a job due to stressful working conditions” (George & Jones, 2005). Job burnout can lead an employee to feel emotionally and physically exhausted, frayed tempers, increased conflicts, and absenteeism. If stress on employees gets out of control it will directly impact the productivity of the employees which in turn will have an effect on the day to day operations of the company and its bottom line. High stress levels hinder the growth of the organization and it is imperative to uncover the signs of stress early and take immediate action to address it.
The goal in the simulation is to implement short term and long term measures to reduce dysfunctional stress levels without affecting productivity of the employees. An added pressure in deciding what measures to take is to stay with in an allotted budget. Monetary incentive such as bonuses and pay increases can help to make the employees feel they are being compensated for their work and therefore relieve stress. Monetary incentives are not always the answer. After some time, the employees will still feel the effects of stress and even feel they deserve more money. Non monetary incentives also are effective methods in reducing stress. One of the short term non monetary measures in the simulation was an exercise program. An exercise program helps employees work off stress and also helps to keep the employees healthy and physically fit to complete their jobs.

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A non monetary long term measure for the simulation is to organize stress management workshops. These workshops help employees learn how to deal and control stress which will keep stress levels down.
The next section of the simulation dealt with motivation. Motivation is defined as “forces coming from within a person that account for the willful direction, intensity, and persistence of the person’s efforts toward achieving of specific goals that are not due to ability or to environmental demands” (Hitt, Miller, & Colella, 2006). The motivation issues in the simulation were additional responsibilities added to severe weather during the winter months. The goal in this section of the simulation is to implement measures to keep the employees motivated and assist in lowering absenteeism levels due to the additional responsibilities and the harsh winter months. The measures need to be implemented in less than a month.
Motivation is important to an organizations performance. Organizations consist of and driven by people so motivated employees are critical to the organizations success. Employees that are motivated want to do a good job whereas unmotivated employees are not concerned if they do a good job. Employees need to want to work in the organization and perform their job well. The simulations option for the company to provide free protective gear for the winter months. This measure will allow employees as if the company cares. When employees feel that the organizations cares employees are more motivated to do a good job for that organization. If an organization has de-motivated employees it can hinder the organizations performance and ultimately its success.
The third section of the simulation was regarding issues in cultural diversity. Diversity is “a characteristic of a group of people suggesting differences among those people on any relevant dimension” (Hitt, Miller, & Colella, 2006). In today’s world, issues of cultural diverse employees are very common and are challenging organizations. The goal in this part of the simulation is to implement measures to help employees understand culture diversity. The measures that are implemented cannot exceed the allotted budget. Organizations need to educated employees to practices and beliefs of different cultures to avoid any issues in the organization. Educating employees in cultural diversity is not an easy task because it is more so than not faced with resistance which makes it imperative to choose the right measure. One of the simulations options was to implement an E-learning program. The E-learning helps the employees to understand diversity and helps to develop acceptance of other employee’s practices and beliefs. Employees do not resist E-learning because they can learn at their own pace.
Cultural diverse organization can produce highly motivated, committed, and better performing employees. When employees perform better the organization itself performs better. The diversity can provide more innovative groups using the different practices and beliefs of the individuals. An organization that embraces cultural diversity, can give them a competitive edge over other organizations.
All areas of the simulation are connected to the importance of creating and maintaining a health organizational culture. Organizational culture “is the set of shared values, beliefs, and norms that influence the way employees think, feel, and behave toward each other and toward people outside the organization” (George, Jones 2005). Organizational culture is an important way that organizations coordinate and motivate the behavior of their employees. Organizations can shape employees attitudes and behaviors by the way the organization invests in and rewards its employees and by trying to instill the value of excellence. When employees are stressed de-motivated and have issues with diversity the organization does not have a healthy organizational culture which in turn the makes it very difficult for the organization to succeed.
Organizational Behavior simulation demonstrated real challenges and issues that organizations are facing today. Organizations management needs to find the right measures to correct the issues. Stress and de-motivated employees can hinder performance and the success of the organization when not attended to in a timely fashion. Cultural diversity is a new issue that has posed many challenges in organizations. Organizations that have a diverse employee’s base have a completive edge over other organizations due to the innovation from all different cultures. The goal of every organization is to achieve success. Without a healthy organizational culture it is very hard for an organization to succeed because the people are what are critical to the organizations success.

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