Essay Understanding Induction and Coaching of New Employees

Essay Understanding Induction and Coaching of New Employees

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1 Introduction
The purpose of this assignment is to develop an understanding of Induction and Coaching within the workplace. New employees need to be inducted in to the workplace to ensure they are able to work safely and effectively as soon as they start with the Organisation. The success of an Organisation depends on the right skills and abilities of their employees.
To carry out my assignment successfully I have taken into account a number of factors.
 The benefits to the person and the organisation of the induction procedure.
 What the procedure is for induction
 What support is available to new employees
To carry this out successfully I used a number of methods of research and investigation. This involved identifying what the induction process is currently within Romec Ltd whilst considering external factors e.g. ACAS, CIPD. I have developed an induction plan based upon a coaching model. The plan can be used both to induct new employees and coach existing employees with the purpose of building confidence and enhancing performance within the workplace.
2 Understand how to integrate new members in the team
2.1 The benefits of induction
According to, ACAS factsheet Recruitment and Induction, a good induction programme reinforces positive first impressions and makes new employees feel welcome and ready to contribute fully. Most labour turnover is among new employees, and work efficiency is reached only after a period of learning and adjusting to the new environment. By planning an induction programme, the organisation can quickly build on positive attitude of the successful candidate.
A good induction programme will create a positive perception of the organisation, promoting the organisations behaviours, values and g...

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...ove the receiver to the change phase but you can help with the process by giving the feedback.

Based on this model, we can however help prepare the employee for receiving feedback by providing them with the opportunity to practise this.
Guidelines for receiving constructive feedback
 Listen to the feedback rather than prepare your defence / response.
 Ask for it to be repeated if you did not hear or was unclear about the feedback received.
 Assume it is constructive until proven otherwise, only then consider and use the elements that are constructive.
 Pause and think before responding.
 Ask for clarification and statements/evidence if statements are unclear or unsupported.
 Accept it positively rather than dismissively
 Ask for suggestions of ways you might be able to change or modify your behaviour.
 Respect and thank the person who is giving feedback.

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