Understanding Human Behavior By Placing It Within Its Broader Social Context

Understanding Human Behavior By Placing It Within Its Broader Social Context

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a. Sociological perspective/pg. 3: Understanding human behavior by placing it within its broader social context.
The sociological perspective is a perspective on human behavior as well as its connection to society. This perspective connects the behavior of individual people and structures of society as in how they live. At the beginning of this film, we are presented with statistics like “fourteen hour days, seven days a week” and “400,000 children pick the food we eat.” These statistics are given to us because they want us to compare the way we live to the way they live. By stating hard hitting facts at the beginning, we can automatically predict that our lives are much different than crop pickers. They also show sociological perspective by letting us into their homes. We know they don’t have the same home for a long period of time, traveling place to place where they can find work. For the most part, we can say we move into a house or apartment because we plan to live there for a longer amount of time. Sociological perspective also came into contact when we were introduced to their school life. As Americans, school is the main priority as a child, a requirement. As a migrant, school comes after the crops are picked and there is enough food to put onto the table. Perla Sanchez states “You fail you fail, you pass you pass.” She says this because she feels whether she succeeds at school she won’t go far. With no money, school can’t be a main priority to them as they would like. They know family values are first, knowing they need to help pick crops daily. They can see school being the main priority for our daily lives and they dream of it. Sanchez also says “I have a dream to become a lawyer. I have so many dreams to help people ...

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... serious these working environments are and how they affect the life they have at home. Hygiene is shown when Victor has to clean his skin with bleach to get his hands to come clean after a day of work. Family values are shown when Zulema left to continue school at her grandmothers, but went back home to pick crops with her mother because she felt out of place there. Sanitation is shown by the baby sitting in the crate of cucumbers demonstrating to wash food before consuming. Education is shown through the statistic of “migrant children drop out of school at four times the national rate.” This implies that we sometimes take schooling for granted, seeing the unfortunate give up the dream because they have too. All of these lessons are applied in this film to demonstrate the unfairness of these children’s conditions and why something needs to be done about it. //300//

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