Essay about Understanding Health Based On Family History And Personal Experience

Essay about Understanding Health Based On Family History And Personal Experience

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Many people in different cultures define HEALTH based on their family history and personal experience. Personally, I believe taking the time to study our culture and its practices can help us identify why we do the things we do. In my Transcultural health class, I was given the opportunity to interview someone from my family to discuss their definition of HEALTH .
After asking several relatives about their definition of health, I finally decided to interview my maternal grandmother from Jamaica because of her vivid memory of how life was back then. She goes by the name of Veronica Francis, and she grew up with five other siblings in a small wooden house in Enfield, Jamaica. Enfield is a rural neighborhood in the mountains of St Mary, Jamaica. Only one main road runs through the town and most of the residents during her time didn’t have electricity or cars. “The community I lived in was very tight niche; everybody would share because the community was so small”, said Veronica. So, the first question I asked my grandmother was what did you do to maintain your HEALTH while growing up...

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