Understanding Demographics And Psychographics Of The Target Audience Essay

Understanding Demographics And Psychographics Of The Target Audience Essay

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Autumn Beddington
1. a) Demographics is knowing the characteristics who you are communicating with and arranging your speech in order to better communicate with that group.
b) Psychographics is knowing the personality of the crowd and using that to better communicate with the audience.
2. Understanding demographics and psychographics of the target audience will make your speech more effective because you are able to relate to your audience. It will be easier to address your audience if you know their characteristics and personalities you can make your speech accordingly.
3. The importance of a good introduction is to capture the audience. The reason it’s important to capture the audience is because it decides whether or not they are going to pay attention to your speech or not.
4. When creating an introduction you want to start with the attention grabber to hook the audience. Once you have everyone’s attention you should present your thesis so they can clearly grasp what your topic is. After that briefly summarize what you are going to talk about during your speech.
5. The reason having a good conclusion is because the last thing people hear is what they will remember most, so with that in mind you need to think about what you want people to remember about your speech. So having a good conclusion is extremely important because that is what will stick with people the most.
6. When it comes to making a good conclusion there are a few things you should include. You should recap which would be restating your main points, connect your conclusion back to your introduction, and tell why we should remember your speech, and lastly why it matters or what we should do. Your conclusion should leave your audience with a new wa...

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... In other words have studies and sources to back you up. This can be a very effective way to get the audience’s attention but you need to make sure you are using credible non bias sources. If the audience finds out you maybe twisted the results of a study a little or you used basis sources you are going to lose all your credibly. So make sure you establish your credibility and then you can use evidence to continue to support your cause.
There are many things that make up a good persuasive speech including evoking emotion, making sure establish creditability, using unbiased sources, and knowing who your target audience is. These are just a few of the things that make for a good persuasive speech. I hope that I was able to give helpful advice on how to give a persuasive speech and if you are confident and know what you are talking about I’m sure you will do great.

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