Essay on Understanding Construction Good Practices

Essay on Understanding Construction Good Practices

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The Wave, Muscat is one of complete and comfortably community available in Middle East and considered lifestyle destination in the new heart of Muscat. And, it has been development designs and construction practices lend themselves to creating an eco-friendly sustainable community. Also, it combines a unique public-private venture between the Government of the Sultanate of Oman and the UAE-based Majid Al Futtaim Properties. It stared sells the real state and apartment for customers in 2006. The project is covers 2.5 million square meters of land and including 600,000 square meters of reclamation along a breathtaking 6 km stretch of coastline. After complete it 4.000 homes, townhouse, apartments and villa. In the Wave project there are shareholders most of them, National Investment Funds Company, UAE based Majid Al Futtaim and Oman's Waterfront Investment Company In the Wave, Omanisation level has been up to 72 % and they offer a great foundation for Oman's experienced professionals and graduates on which to build a great career in their life. Furthermore, the Wave management sign agreements with strategic and banking for customer to pawn and financing solutions and services, Include: Bank Muscat, HSBC, Bank Dhofar, Oman Arab Bank and Standard Chartered Bank.

First of all, the master planned community of the project offers a various framework of property investment options. There are current product has been lunched: lakefront villas in Reehan Gardens, Garden and lakefront villas in Majan village, Beach front living at the Shoreside, Exclusive island living on Sinesla isalnd, Marina view apartements, Marina and garden homes in Mersa village. The wave is include some prominent milestones and the supreme of this milestones are:...

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...spection of 2nd fix works.
Step 7 – Commissioning and Practical Completion of dwelling.

Conclusion :
In summary, to conclude this report by recommending that site visit is very useful and essential in college for the students of civil engineering, to make the student realize and understand the major very well and think about different parts and procedures of the construction by knowing the materials and its part in construction. In addition I would like to advice the students to take every opportunity during studies of structural materials is to visit sites during free time to explore more about the details and to understand it perfectly. I would like to mention to the college to keep on giving the students chances to visit more sites during the years of major in that case the encouragement will grow in the minds of students of civil engineering.

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