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Understanding Consciousness Essay

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Understanding Consciousness
This paper encompasses an analysis of physiological psychology, the relationship between the human nervous system and behavior, and an evaluation of historical figures in the field of physiological psychology
The Biopsychological Approach to Understanding Consciousness
The process of understanding awareness can be complex. Understanding that there are different spectrums of consciousness and that each type represents different principles is the best approach to understanding awareness. As the endocrine system regulates hormones in the body, chemical fluctuations play a major role in the physiological regulation of human behavior. Therefore, there is the physical consciousness and the psychological consciousness. Awareness is a non-biological or emotional response to the environment whereas biological consciousness is the physical response to nervous, hormonal, and endocrine systems. It is possible for an individual to be conscious but unaware, and be unconscious, and aware.
Define Physiological Psychology
Human physiology is the science of the function of human organisms, whereas psychology is the study of the human thought process and how those thoughts are affected by internal and external forces. When both Physiology and Psychology intersect in to one area of study it becomes physiological psychology. physiological psychology is a branch of study that is dedicated to the corporeal bases for the psychological practice. Knowledge of the origins of physiological psychology is important because of the related, integrated disciplines. Each discipline can function independently of the other which makes knowledge of both, critical to research methods in the field. Physiological psychologists relate...

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...l in medical intervention and prevention of health disorders.

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Understanding Consciousness

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