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Understanding Concepts of Humor Essays

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A good way that people describe a society would have to be through satirical devices. Voltaire is one of those many authors that use humor through his book, Candide, in order to make fun of his society. This is satirical books depicts many different topics in a society. To begin with in the book Candide, the main character goes through a series of adventures and murders in order to preserve his love to Cunegonde. Then again Candide can’t go through all of this without his partner D.r Pangloss from the beginning of the book. Dr. Pangloss was a very intellectual man that tries to help Candide by spreading his wisdom through his journey. Except there where many cases in which his statements were unnecessary and doesn’t really help in solving the situation, which is what most intellectuals tend to do. On the contrary Candide wouldn’t be illustrated the exact same way like Dr. Pangloss. Voluntarism would be the way to depict Candide since Candide goes with his will to do things. For instance he goes after Cunegonde, who in reality doesn’t have a chance of being with her with the Seven- Years war going on. In addition to Voltaire critics about Dr. Pangloss and Candide beliefs, he also makes fun of the most obvious belief that is occurring. In this case it would have to be imperialism. Voltaire comes up with many obvious critics, through humor, to criticize his society but in the end his overall objective is to use different satirical devices to criticize the imperialistic beliefs, the intellectuals thought process, known as intellectualism, and voluntarism beliefs.
A war that takes 9 years to end has contributed too many imperialist beliefs that people had, mostly when traders where present. From 1754-1763 the French and In...

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...nger countries take over smaller countries. People would assume that the stronger country would win but there have been times when miracles occurred and the opposite happened. Concisely Voltaire demonstrates these three topics in his book Candide in his own unique way, yet they can still be discussed in various other ways using modern day situations,

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