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Understanding Clinical Solutions Essay

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Medications: the part of medicine that deals with your health from outside. Millions of clinical solutions with different purposes are used in hospitals and domestics houses. The effectiveness of these solutions are going to depend on their chemistry. If an average adult takes a gummy vitamin complex supplement the vitamin in take will be almost insignificant. If that same adult takes a vitamin complex supplement tablet the intake of the vitamin will affect the body. What makes the difference? A gummy vitamin has as much sugar as a regular gummy beard sold at the grocery store, but the vitamin in it is sufficient for a child between the age of two and six. Tablet vitamin complex have a higher concentration of the vitamin making it simpler for the body to absorb.
This paper will discuss the basics on the chemistry of solutions including the effects of solubility including examples in the medical field. More importantly, it will include a presentation on intravenous or parenteral solutions, describing how the solution is made and how does it mix in the blood stream. The importance of parenteral solutions relies in the fast response it has on the body.

A mixture is the result of the combination of two or more substances. These are classified as homogeneous, heterogeneous and colloid. Heterogeneous are mixtures of substances that do not combine. Per example, Children’s Advil, this is a suspension as it combines solids and liquids (100mg of Ibuprofen per 5ml of liquid solution including flavorings). Homogeneous mixtures are uniform. From homogeneous mixtures, one can find either a solution or a pure substance. Solutions are mainly use as a synonym of homogeneous mixtures, bu...

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