Essay on Understanding Black Feminism And Womanist

Essay on Understanding Black Feminism And Womanist

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Understanding Black Feminism/Womanist
Women around the globe experience life in different ways. No one experience is the same. Knowing this somehow women around the world can relate to one another from struggles all of us for having a vagina have been through. Although some cases may be harsher than others, it is all the same concept. We can connect to other women because we have those feelings as well. Feelings like these is why we have the Feminist movement because as strong women it is our job to stand up for others who can’t stand for themselves and give support to woman in situations that are unfair. With this many people know about the Feminist movement but not many can explain what the Black Feminist movement is and what the difference is. I too, could not conclude what the difference was or why there was a separation of movements but as I continued throughout the course, African Diaspora and the World, I made connections to why it was important to separate these two movements. The Black Feminist movement is a movement that has been going for many years all the way back to slavery, in this I will analyze the reasons why this movement is important and what is the purpose of separating the two feminist movements.
Black feminist theorist and activist Pearl Cleage defines feminism as "the belief that women are full human beings capable of participation and leadership in the full range of human activities--intellectual, political, social, sexual, spiritual and economic"(Collins). With this it is very easy to slip into the cracks and lose sight of true meaning. When I interpret this definition, I think women should be equal in all contexts of life so why is there a need to clarify another movement specifying on the black race? ...

... middle of paper ... black women cannot relate to the white privilege many original feminists obtain.
All things considered, there is feminist movement for women (usually towards white women) because they hold similar struggles and experience. Furthermore, there is a black feminist/womanist movement for women of color who have gone through struggles that are not mentioned in the feminist movement itself. Coming to this conclusion that it is okay to be separate to focus on issues that often fall under cracks when generalized. Additionally, I personally have learned the importance of social constructs especially when applied to the black community from history. I never knew what it took to be a feminism but now I am proud to say that I identify as black woman, not just black and not just a woman, but interceding to support a movement that calls out injustice towards people just like me.

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