Understanding Alzheimer's Disease Essay

Understanding Alzheimer's Disease Essay

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I remember the days when my grandma would be the one taking care of me after school. Each and every school day, I would eagerly wait for school to end so that my grandma could come and pick me up to bring me back to her apartment. Each and every day, she would come 15 minutes after school had ended to avoid the hassle of dealing with all the parents coming at the same time to pick their kids up. I didn’t mind though, that gave me time to talk to my teachers about issues that I had or just to socialize with my friends. Once my grandma arrived, I would quickly drop what I was doing, say goodbye to whomever I was talking to, and go straight to the car to keep my grandma from waiting. My grandma would immediately greet me and ask how my day was. During the car rides, she would listen to my little rants and issues that I would have from time to time and give me advice for it. One of the things that she would always tell me was that “life is too short to be mad”. I took everything my grandma told me to heart and always learned from the things that she said. After we got back to her apartment, my grandma would always cook my instant noodles just the way I liked them. There was a special ingredient that she would always add that made the noodles better than anyone else could ever make for me. After eating, my grandma would then help me with my homework and make sure I understand the homework. She’d always make it easy to understand by comparing the problems in the homework with real life situations that I already understand. She’d explain simple addition and subtraction problems with my legos to make it easier for me to see and understand. Once my homework was finished with for the day, my grandma would let me watch TV or play with me. S...

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