Essay on Understanding Acute Renal Failure

Essay on Understanding Acute Renal Failure

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The pathophysiology of acute renal failure is divided in 3 different causes. Out of the 3 causes of acute renal failure pre renal is the most common. It may result in hypoperfusion and ischemia. Pre renal is caused by a sudden drop in blood pressure or renal interruption of blood flow from the kidneys from sudden severe injury or illness. Intrarenal is caused by direct damage to the kidneys either by inflammation, toxins, drugs, infection or reduced blood supply. Postrenal is a sudden obstruction of urine flow due to an enlarged prostate, kidney stones or bladder tumor or injury. The least common out of all of these is the post renal acute renal failure.
There will be several diagnostic and lab tests preformed to help doctors determine if you have acute renal failure. The first test will be a UA to see how much urine you are producing and to check for any obstruction. It will require a dip stick to determine any protein, blood and sugar. To get a better understanding of acute renal failure a blood test will be drawn to determine BUN and Creatinine levels this test determines how the kidneys are functioning. When the levels are high it means there is renal failure. The doctor may order a renal ultra sound, KUB or CT scan as well to check for kidney function. As renal failure works its way through the phases these labs will go up and may require the patient to be on dialysis for a short or long period of time.
There are many signs and symptoms of acute renal failure. Some data is subjective or it can be objective. In objective data the nurse can actually see what is going on with the patient.
Objective data can include:
• Noticed swelling in arms and legs
• Seeing the patient vomiting
• Monitoring lab results
• Mo...

... middle of paper ...

...failure is patient education. Knowing the signs will determine how well they will be able to recover. Long term care of renal failure may result in taking medications for life, being on long term dialysis and possible kidney transplant.
Living a healthy lifestyle by staying away from foods that are bad for you and maintaining adequate fluids and exercise. Patients, staff and family members need to be well educated so patients and family members realize how to live with end stage renal failure if they cant stop it in their early stages.

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