Essay about Understanding Acne

Essay about Understanding Acne

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There it is again, that big painful red bump. It might as well be a big flashing sign that says “Look at me and my ugly face!” No matter what the age or gender seeing a pimple appear certainly can make a person feel a little debbie downer even on a good day. People know the feeling of not wanting to leave the house because they are too embarrassed by the acne on their face. Acne Vulgaris is the medical term used today for acne. (What is acne?...How to rid of acne) Acne should be treated as a medical skin condition because of all the physical medical side effects as well as the mental side effects that comes with having acne.
It may seem like theres many different types of acne but it can be broken down into three easy categories. The first group and most common is mild acne which consist mostly of whiteheads and blackheads. Both are the easiest to treat out of the acne groups. These are your basic acne which just appears after having a clogged pore. A closed comedo is a clogged pore that stays under the skin to form a white bump on the surface of your skin aka whitehead. While on the other hand a clogged pore that opens up are open comedos that appear black on the surface aka blackheads. Everyone freaks out wondering why they are black in color but the truth is blackheads aren’t dirt. Instead its just the produce of excess oil left over reacting with the air. Blackheads are very hard to avoid as they are the result of hormone changes which teenagers go through as a normal stage. Blackheads are just one of the unfortunate parts of going through puberty. Next moderate acne includes papules and pustules. Both papules and pustules are seen from the surface of the skin. Papules are usually pink in color while pustules are red based...

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