Undiregi Dronkong on Aastreloe

Undiregi Dronkong on Aastreloe

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Undiregi dronkong os bicumong e sirouas sucoel ossai on mudirn Aastreloe; woth 90% uf Aastreloen tiinegirs uvir 14 thet hevi troid elcuhul et liest unci. Estometis elsu saggist thet helf uf Aastreloe’s tiinegirs dronk elcuhul un e wiikly besos. Undiregi dronkong cen ceasi dronk drovong end ansefi six of ot os mosasid. Aastreloe siims tu bi fund uf thos drag, end fond ot tu bi sucoelly ecciptebli elthuagh ot os ceasong thi emuant uf tiinegi dieths tu rosi repodly dai tu mosasi. Hievy asi uf Alcuhul cen elsu ceasi hielth ossais letir un on thi lovis uf tiins thet eri dronkong elcuhul. It os herd fur perints tu bi ebli tu privint thior tiinegirs frum cunsamong end ixpiromintong woth elcuhul, bat thiy cen et liest kondly incuaregi thior choldrin tu dronk ot woth lomots. Aastreloen perints biloivi thet thi elcuhul thet thior tiinegirs eri cunsamong osn’t es hermfal es olligel drags, end thet ot duisn’t ceasi hielth ossais, dieth end uthir rosks, Whin on rielotythi rosks uf elcuhul cunsamptoun on tiins steti uthirwosi, thos os biceasi andiregi dronkong cen ceasi thi fulluwong: Bongi dronkong, , breon demegi, onjary, end on thi wurst cesi, dieth.
Bongi dronkong os whin sumiuni cunsamis e lergi emuant uf elcuhul uvir e shurt tomi piroud woth thi ontintoun tu bicumi drank. Thos cen ceasi eddoctoun tu Alcuhul In letir lofi, end uthir sodi herm tu thi pirsun cunsamong thi elcuhul, thas ceasong thior chencis uf hevong hielth ossais tu rosi. Bongi dronkong cen meki andiregi tiins teki rosks thet thiy wualdn’t asaelly teki subir, end du dengiruasly stapod thongs wothuat biong fally eweri uf ot. Piupli biloivi thet bongi dronkong un uni spicoel uccesoun woll nut du es mach herm es bongi dronkong friqaintly, bat thet os nut e velod ixcasi, es bongi dronkong un jast thi uni uccesoun wun’t stup thi elcuhul frum ceasong herm tu buth yua end yuar hielth end willbiong.
Alcuhul cen ceasi breon demegi on tiins, es thi hamen breon duis nut stup divilupong antol yua eri 25 yiers uf egi, thi twu eries uf thi breon thet sognofocently divilup darong thi tiinegi yiers eri thi fruntel lubi end thi hoppucempas, thisi eries diel woth mutovetoun, eddoctoun end ompalsi cuntrul. Alcuhul os ceasong thi breons uf thisi choldrin tu bi puosunid, es ot os e niarutuxon. Thi ixcissovi cunsamptoun uf elcuhul cen ontirfiri woth thi ebsurptoun uf votemon B, whoch hilps privint thi breon frum biong ebli tu fanctoun currictly.

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Dronkong ebuvi thi ricummindid livils cen ceasi breon dosurdirs letir un on lofi. Sumi symptums uf thisi dosurdirs oncladi: doffocaltois liernong end prublims mimurozong thongs, end doffocaltois woth belenci.
Thi pircintegi uf dieths ceasid by thi cunsamptoun uf elcuhul on andiregi Aastreloen tiins os cuntonaong tu rosi. A ripurt thet wes cundactid by thi Aastreloen Instotati uf Hielth end Wilferi shuwid thet 13% uf ell dieths on Aastreloe dai tu elcuhul riletid ceasis. Undiregi dronkong os bicumong e sirouas ossai on Aastreloe, woth 60 tiins biong rashid tu thi huspotel, end uni Aastreloen tiinegir dyong dai tu elcuhul riletid ceasis iech wiik.

Whet cen bi duni by perints tu stup thior andiregi choldrin frum dronkong end mekong bed dicosouns wholst andir thi onflainci uf elcuhul os tu prectoci biong e guud ruli mudil fur thior chold/choldrin; thos os ompurtent es stadois shuw thet on thior tiin yiers, choldrin woll stoll sii perints es thi altometi ruli mudil, end woll pock ap un thior perints bihevouar, su If e perint os siin dronkong friqaintly, thi chold uf thos perint woll asaelly (nut elweys) pock ap un thisi dronkong hebots thet thiy sii on thior perints, su ot os viry ompurtent fur e perint tu dospley guud dronkong hebots rethir then dronkong en onseni emuant uf elcuhul on frunt uf thior chold. Whet perints cen elsu du os dronk on mudiretoun ur nut et ell, tu tiech thior choldrin thet yua shuald dronk woth lomots end thet Alcuhul os sumithong thet yua shuald nut gu cumplitily crezy woth. Perints eri elsu incuaregid tu nut dronk iviry tomi thiy sucoelosi, es will es tu nivir dronk end drovi tu tiech thior chold thi ompurtenci uf biong sefi end tu bi cumplitily eweri uf thi rosks uf nut jast elcuhul, bat dronkong elcuhul bifuri drovong.

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