Underage Drinking And College Life Essay

Underage Drinking And College Life Essay

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As a college student, I have always believed that underage drinking and college life went hand in hand. Until my Sophomore year, I had never been to a college party or partaken in the stigma that surrounds life in college. I lived in the University Honors House, had stellar grades, was the typical engineering student who studied all the time, and was extremely involved on campus. While in high school, my family would have a glass of wine with dinner but other than that neither my family or I had ever been in the scene that drank profusely or ever witnessed binge drinking until I was invited to attend a fraternity’s formal event. This event being my first time attending a college party, I was in for quite a shock. Before the party, we went to the “pre-game”. The “pre-game” is held at a house and is essentially where you go to play drinking games and get drunk before the event even starts. Its main goal is to play a few pre-party games and provide drinks to minors so they have the ability to get some alcohol in their system to be loosened up for the next three hours in which they will be in very close contact with a hundred people they might not know. As this was my first time drinking and we only had twenty minutes before we had to leave, I thought it would be a good idea to drink as much alcohol as I could so that it would be in my system for the entire party and I would not come out of being buzzed half way through the party while surrounded by a hundred other people who were drunk. I was handed a red solo cup filled to the brim with lemon vodka and told “jump in with that drinking game and I will bring a chaser back for you.” Needless to say, my chaser never returned and when it was my turn at the drinking game, which was essent...

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...rents and begin to gauge how drunk they get after a certain amount of alcohol so they can prevent getting blackout drunk. At the same time parents can monitor their children and their drinking habits. If the parent suspects their child might have a problem then immediate action can be taken. Another added advantage is the communication between parent and child about drinking habits. A student who is legal to drink and feels like they have the ability to drink around their parents the more likely that child is to discuss specific drinking habits. If I had known how my body would react to an entire cup of vodka I would have been much more careful in my drinking habits. If more students were informed on this matter through conversations and legal hands-on experience from their parents then more students would know the risks and dangers associated with underage drinking.

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