Underage Drinking : A Broad Term Used For The Damages Caused By Alcohol Essay examples

Underage Drinking : A Broad Term Used For The Damages Caused By Alcohol Essay examples

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Alcoholism is a broad term used for the damages caused by alcohol (Tracy, Sarah 31-52). Alcoholism in United States of America is consumption by adults under the age of 21 all over the country. Though the age is similar to this in all countries but the conditions vary. In some countries it is completely banned, while others have conditions in consuming it. Underage drinking has become very common especially it has become common in a sense that the minors and adults like to take in closed doors. They drink commonly before going out. This is called pre-partying. Mostly people who oppose underage drinking think that if it has to happen it should be taken in a controlled environment so that the condition can be controlled and supervised properly. But in most cases it is not possible because the adults when they are at this age do not listen to what is right and wrong. They do what it seems them right. Britany Levine explained in her article that some parents are still willing to give alcohol to their children but in a controlled environment which is inside the home. This is to prevent them from an immoral act. This type of act is permitted in 31 countries. But it is considered as illegal in 50 states.
Consumption of alcoholism should be banned for underage people. It affects health and control over senses in a disastrous way, which can prove to be fatal for this age.
If a person has overdosed a drug, it is called a condition to be drunk. In my point of view children who are under the age of 21 should not consume alcohol. This is because, children at this age are immature and they are UN able to control themselves from acting immoral. They will likely to get into acts such a...

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...eel ashamed of having such a disastrous drug. Media and advertisements should ban the use of it. Such programs and promotions can lead a society in a better state and help to improve the condition of its people as well.

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