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Under Armour Company Analysis Essay

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When our professor first presented this project paper to us my mind began to wonder. What is a good company to research and present it to my fellow classmates. My first selection was “Chik-fil-a”, but I wasn’t sure if we could write about fast food franchises. So I continued to brainstorm about a topic to expound on, even going as far as in asking my buddies and co-workers for suggestions. “Walmart”, “National Football League”, “National Basketball Association”, “Nationwide Insurance”, and “LG” were a few ideas that were presented to me. A few of those sounded ok but none really grasp my attention. As I was visiting an outlet mall, I came across Nike store. “Wow that’s going to by my topic of choice”, is what I told myself. Week four (4) arrived and my professor asked for every student’s topic. Before he made it to me, at least four (4) others said Nike! As usual, I was the last person to give him my topic of choice. That’s when I went with “Under Armour. Researching this topic presented many roadblocks, due to this company only being around since 1996. I wasn’t sure if Under Armour practices corporate sustainability or even if they were socially responsible; but countless hours later researching this company, enlightened me of the answers I was searching for.
Under Armour started in 1996 by Kevin Plank, a 23-year-old former University of Maryland football player. As a special teams captain, he turned an idea brainstormed on the football filed into a new industry changing the way athletes dress forever. Since he hated having to change his sweat-soaked cotton t-shirts over and over again during two-a-days, he figured there had to be something better, which in turn led to his solution. The basic concept ...

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​My topic of choice was pretty tough. As I concluded my research on Under Armour, I can assure you that they have many areas to improve in to even be considered a major threat to Nike or Adidas. Their products are heading in the right direction, but more guidance is needed from senior correspondents that have more experience in the field of marketing and strategy. Under Armour revenues are increasing, but at the current pace, Nike will double their net gross in a year. Athletes and universities are contributing in branding Under Armour along with remaining loyal, but their apparel to me is not attractive. For starters, every major football team that I have noticed supporting them has very bland uniforms or very flashy uniforms. As the saying goes, “bad publicity is better than no publicity”; at least we are discussing them along side Nike and Adidas.

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