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Uncovering the Truth About John Brown Essay examples

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Throughout history John Brown has been described as a terrorist, mentally ill, and a failure among other things. Because he stood strongly for what he believed in, and his goal was eventually achieved he can be seen for the most part as a hero. Brown was described as “an American who gave his life that millions of other Americans be free” (Chowder,6). Brown was a headstrong abolitionist who claimed that he was told by God to end slavery causing him to see himself as “a latter-day Moses” (Chowder, 6). With this, he stopped at nothing to fulfill these expectations. Brown’s heroism is displayed through how he was recounted by others during and after his lifetime, the actions though drastic he took when fighting for what he believed in, and the fact that he was white but he fought so strongly for African- Americans.
As Russell Banks had said “Brown’s acts mean completely different things to Americans depending upon their skin color.” (Chowder, 6) Brown’s reputation for being a “wild-eyed, bloodthirsty, madman” was brought upon by the whites of the nation. They believed this because he was a white man who was fighting for the freedom of people who they didn’t see as real human beings. The fact that he did so, and he was so devoted to it is what made him a hero. Many African American’s on the other hand respected and even admired Brown’s work. “To slaveholders he was utter evil- fanatic, murderer, liar and lunatic, and horse thief to boot- while to abolitionists he had become the embodiment of all that was noble and courageous.” (Chowder, 1). The people in Brown's life obviously had mixed feelings on who he was and what he was fighting for. Though there were negative comments about him, there were also many positive ones as well. Becau...

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... give Brown credit for when he did succeed. His violence has clearly been justified on a number of accounts and the fact that he was so active in fighting for what he believed in makes him a hero.
Brown has been said to be a criminal, failure, and even mentally ill, but above all he can be seen as a hero. He was a white man fighting for the freedom and rights of African- Americans. He used violence and even committed murder but these actions can and have been justified with how vigorously he fought for the abolition of slavery. He was compared to Jesus Christ by many as well as being a martyr of his time. Some believed Brown was a “lunatic” and were strongly against what he was fighting for, but his determination is what kept him fighting. Clearly those who thought he was a “wild-eyed, bloodthirsty madman were false. He was, and can still be remembered as a hero.

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