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While many things distinguish people from one another, there is one thing that links every human being together: destination. No matter how different two people may live their lives, they will both end it with death. Although it is impossible to avoid this destination, could prolonging it be a capability of all human beings? A phenomenon taking over the globe is doing just that, allowing people to see another day even after looking into the eyes of death. Better known as a guardian angel, this phenomenon of what has become to be known as the third man is just that, a guardian angel. As the documentary “The Angel Effect” explains, the name of this miraculous survival tool came from the first time this phantom appeared. Sir Ernest Shackleton’s arctic expedition of 1916 ended with he and his crew trapped in ice for more than ten months. In order to survive, members of the crew must venture into the frigid arctic air for 680 miles to a nearby whaling station. After surviving the journey, Shackleton wrote that there was a mysterious presence guiding them to the safety of the whaling station. Shackleton’s story grows to give the phenomenon the name of the third man (“The Angel Effect”). Since his account years ago, the third man has been reported to have saved lives everywhere. James Sevigny, a mountaineer, once successfully steered his boat away from the rocky shores of death and lived to tell his story with the third man’s help. Years ago, Sevigny found himself climbing deep in the isolated Canadian Rocky Mountains when suddenly an avalanche disrupted the peace of the mountain. As the rushing snow tumbled down the mountain, it threw Sevigny and his partner about 2,000 feet. Eventually, Sevigny awoke to find blood, from his dead frien...

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...t there is still no proof that his theory, or any other theory, is correct.

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