Uncovering a Relationship Between Alcohol and Violence Using Correlation Research

Uncovering a Relationship Between Alcohol and Violence Using Correlation Research

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Correlation research reveals a pattern between two variables that have been measured several times. To uncover a relationship between alcohol and violence, I would use the correlation research. Using naturalistic observation, I would observe public intoxication at common bars or clubs, and involve accessible records of already convicted violent offenders that acknowledge the use of alcohol. I would choose this method because I believe this would be an abundant amount of knowledge that could properly disclose a correlation, weather positive or negative, between alcohol and violence, and present a strong or weak number that predicts the correlation thus making this research method the most viable. Although this data may display a relationship between the two variables, it does not divulge a cause, and may be very time consuming, which is the biggest disadvantages to a correlation study. In addition, the third variable problem is a disadvantage. The third variable correlation means the two variables, alcohol and violence, may be correlated only because of a third variable. In other words, alcohol and violence may be correlated because of a totally different reason, such as mental illness or aggression for example. Just as our text revealed on page 52, the correlation between kindness and the time of day, I believe research would reveal a correlation between alcohol and violence.

B. F. Skinner taught us about operant behavior; behavior that is produced from an impact on a person’s environment. Negative reinforcement is derived from negative impacts on the person’s environment. For example, the first time I seen the blue lights of a police officer in my rear view mirror, my heart seemed to stop pumping. As the officer walked t...

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...ng or sleeping, hot flashes, shortness of breath or hyperventilation. I would identify if these symptoms occur when she is near something she is afraid of such as an object or activity, thus having a phobia. Also, I would like to rule out if she has constant or uncontrollable thoughts of washing her hands, organizing objects or counting things, thus having a compulsive disorder. As a believer that the behavior should be treated in order to make the client more productive in society, I would like to treat the patient with behavioral therapy. I would like to teach the client behavior techniques that challenge the irrational thoughts that causes her anxiety. I would encourage her to exercise more, meditate, and learn breathing techniques. Hopefully by modifying her behavior, she will not have to be medicated, but that would also be an option in the future.

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