Essay on The Unconstitutionality of Banning Gay Marriage

Essay on The Unconstitutionality of Banning Gay Marriage

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Banning gay marriage across the United States is directly against the constitution and violates the unalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The scumbags in the government however, make almost impossible to pass these laws for homosexual individuals. A man with reason like Aristotle for example, believes that the main duty of humans is to the use the ability of reason and consciousness in the pursuit of the ultimate life good or happiness. Happiness is what we strive for, even homosexual couples. This whole topic can be related to one question I find particularly interesting and correlates to this exact discussion. How is the message of gay marriage related to the attainment of happiness?
Well it’s simple really when you think about it because for instance, happiness revolves around the idea that even with pleasure and external goods, we still need the acceptance of ourselves and how we would like to live out our lives. Homosexual couples want what any other heterosexual couple wants; to be together, to be free, and to not be afraid of showing the world who they truly are inside. It is their nature to be the way they are and no amount of religion or moral judgement can change that for them. Same-sex couples should not be afraid to publicly expose their love to the world and should be given the proper respect and that all heterosexual couples have. This includes but not limited to, the legal agreement that all homosexual are allowed to marriage in their own states and county. The unionization of marriage should not be just limited to just men and women just because an unreliable holy book from two thousand years ago says so.
Same-sex couples should be able to have access to the same benefits straight cou...

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... homosexuality was a choice, then being straight is just another choice as well; that all just sounds redundant. Just because you follow a religion does not make you more sacred and better than any other person. Those types of people who are so full of them is what makes me sick the most. Homosexuals are not the enemy in this equation, the main enemy are the anti gay community.
In the end, homosexualy will conqur the day even if you like it or not for there is too much support to help it. The black community had conquered and overcome back in early and late nineteen hundreds and continue to do so today and the gay community will continue to do the same for hundreds as years. Doesn’t matter how long it takes, it will happen and the world will be a happier place in the end. Same-sex marriage has and will always be a civil right and should be treated as such from all.

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