The Unchained : An Attempt At A Positive African Male Image Essay

The Unchained : An Attempt At A Positive African Male Image Essay

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Django Unchained: An Attempt at a Positive African Male Image
Movies and television shows over the last few decades have portrayed African Americans primarily as the negative characters in films. Whether it is from them being portrayed as the enemy in films to the characters who lack education and manners, Africans, primarily serve as secondary characters in films. Django Unchained directed by Quentin Tarantino attempts at breaking this common hold on Africans as secondary character role players in films, by creating an African American lead role character named Django (Jamie Foxx). In Django Unchained a former slave Django is set free by a white bounty hunter named Dr. King Schultz (Christophe Waltz). Django sets on a quest along with his fellow bounty hunter friend to retrieve his wife who was sold to another slave owner on another plantation. Although the film Django Unchained attempts to portray the African race positively, it ultimately fails by presenting Django the main lead of the film as the exception to the African American race.
One way the film attempts to portray Africans positively is through the use of Django the protagonist in the film, breaking a number of negative stereotypes placed on Africans. In one scene a stereotype of loyalty and submissiveness is placed on all Africans by a wealthy plantation owner named Mr. Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio). Mr. Candie states that, “The area of the Negros brain most associated with submissiveness is larger than any other species’ known to exist”. Django throughout the film breaks this stereotype a number of times. Django displays that as a main lead character he does not follow this stereotype in any way. Throughout the film
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Django is submissive tow...

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...example of why films today and modern television still create negative portrayls towards the African race. Even though the film clearly tried to make Africans look positive through the use of Django who is main character, the film ends up
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actually making the African race look more negative due to the fact that Django was indeed the exception to the race. It is for this reason that individuals should be aware about the portayls of certain groups on Television and films. Many directors for films may try to be as neutral towards a group as possible but ultamiltly fail. These negative portrayls of groups on Television and films should not be uused against individuals of that race due to the fact they are viewed on T.V. Televsions portrayls of certain groups are shown not always accurate and should not be based on how one views an individual race.

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