Essay on Unattainable Beauty in the Perfect Woman

Essay on Unattainable Beauty in the Perfect Woman

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The idea of the ‘perfect woman’ is one that has been a popular topic of discussion over the past decade. Unreal Celebrity Photoshop Transformations was a video revealed on YouTube and Buzzfeed on January 7th 2014. The purpose was to educate the public on the effects altered photos has on society. Within a matter of one week the video gained over a million views. The argument behind the viral text has many different aspects and angles to view it from. The video argues the damaging effects of altering photos through a logical lens by displaying examples of unnecessary transformations of celebrity photos, grasping an individual’s emotions to understand the psychological toll photos take on young adults in society.
An evaluation of the text, Unreal Celebrity Photoshop Transformations, demonstrates the controversy behind altering photos for the public. The video is informing the public on a current issue, in the U.S.A. especially Hollywood, on an already popular topic. The video uses satire to ridicule the unreal photos that we, as a society, still worship and take as a reality that young woman and men work themselves to look like. To do this the video conveys a series of photos, first the real photo without any retouching and then quickly goes to the retouched photo. The layout of the photos is supposed to have a shock factor; therefore the way the video presents the transformation is key to bringing credibility to the photos that were retouched. The pictures are a tactic that exhibits the maker’s credibility along with the logical facts that go with the photos. This logical view of retouched photos is from a quote in the video mentioning that it’s “common knowledge that we can reshape a person digitally.” The statement dictates t...

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...As retouched perfect beings with no flaws or as real imperfect stunningly flawless people? The video has the same message as many other retouched videos but this is the first that ask the audiences opinion, giving the audience a chance to take part in social currency as John Berger points out.
After viewing the video I found it so compelling I wanted to share it with a friend. Previously my mother had shown me the video, passing around the information, participating in social currency. The reason I wanted to share it was because the video triggered a memory of a high school friend who tried to make herself as perfect as those celebrities, by doing damaging things to her instead of being healthy. The video acted as a trigger to my memory leading to me share the video. Emotions triggered the act to share the video, which is the reason behind the million views.

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