Ulysses Everett McGill versus Odysseus Essay

Ulysses Everett McGill versus Odysseus Essay

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Ulysses Everett McGill from “O Brother Where Art Thou” is a man of action whereas Odysseus from “The Odyssey” is a man of morality. Judging primarily on these statements, whom appears to be a man that one should follow? Many are attempting to justify how can two such great leaders be compared to one another? Everett is a worthy representation of Odysseus because of their similar attributes such as boasting and dishonesty. Yet at times both can be braver than any other, sharing not only attributes, but also similar backgrounds as well.
Correspondingly Everett and Odysseus are crowers, braggers, who want to feel superior to their dumbfounded crew. They both want to prove they are superior in knowledge and imagine their excessive pride to lead the group. For example while Everett, Delmar, Pete are strolling down the dirt path while discussing the long journey ahead of them; Everett makes them feel like lower-class people. He uses unusual diction showing he is more educated, and a proper leader for the trio, but also leading us to the conclusion he is a bit of bragger. Delmar and Pete feel like underdogs but do not challenge Everett’s decisions to lead the group. Odysseus’ actions mirror Everett’s actions during his escape from Cyclops Polyphemus on his heroic journey. Using his intelligence Odysseus gets his men, and himself out the atrocious Cyclops’ lair. Even after escaping, and nearing death he chose to boast to the giant causing his squad to bitterly curse him, ‘“God sake, Captain! Why bait the beast again? Let him alone!’”… Odysseus continuing ignoring his men, “…if mortal man ever inquire how you were put to shame and blinded, tell him Odysseus, raider of cities took your eye,”’ (ix. 416-419; 408-409). Without shame Odysseus...

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...or that awaited them, Odysseus decided not to inform his crew saving them from panic. “Odysseus decides to tell his men only of Circe’s warnings about the Sirens, whom they will soon encounter. He is fairly sure that they can survive this if he keeps their spirits up.” (xi. Summary pg.1234). Odysseus’ lie saves the group from panic, temporarily, but will cause death of six members of his crew making the matter worse. Not only betrayal in this situation will cause the lack of trust within the group, but also the loss of credibility.
Everett and Odysseus have been compared by many, and now it can justified that their characteristics, and experiences are analogous. To sum up that these men are so alike they both boast, are braver than many or so when they choose to be, and can be dishonest at times, manifest that Everett is in fact a worthy representation of Odysseus.

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