The Ultimate Goal of Hinduism Essay

The Ultimate Goal of Hinduism Essay

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Hinduism is the major religion in India and Nepal with 900 million followers worldwide. 80 percent of the population in India is Hindu, making it the major religion of the country (BBC, 2009a). Hinduism started in the Indus River Valley in modern day Pakistan about 4000 years ago (United Religion Initiatives Kids, 2002). Unlike many other religions, it does not have a single founder, no single scripture, and no single set of teachings: its teachings vary and are based off of many different philosophies and holy books. Hinduism is a polytheistic religion. The religion carries a various amount of beliefs, which only some may be practiced. With the large number of teachings, holy books, and beliefs, Hinduism is seen as a way of life rather than a religion (BBC, 2009a).
As mentioned above, Hinduism is a way of life rather than a religion. Hinduism is a guide to life, with an ultimate goal to reach union with Brahman (A History of World Societies, 2012). While there may be millions of gods, many followers believe that there is only one supreme being. Brahman may be seen as the supreme being or as god, but beliefs vary from person to person. While beliefs may vary, Brahman is usually regarded as the power that supports everything. Unlike other religions, Hindus do not worship Brahman, or their supreme being. Many believe that god is unlimited and may exist in many different forms and expressions (Flood, Hindu Concepts, 2009) .
The ultimate goal of Hinduism is to reach moksha, the release of a person’s soul from samsara, or reincarnation. Samsara is a never ending cycle of life, death, and reincarnation (Berkely Center for Peace, Religion, and World Affairs, n.d.). After death, Hindus believe that the soul survives and may be placed i...

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