Essay about The Uk General Election Will Take Place On September 2015

Essay about The Uk General Election Will Take Place On September 2015

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1.0 Introduction

The UK general election will take place on 7th of September 2015. Therefore most of the parties are preparing their strategies. The Labour party is experiencing some difficulties and that being the case they need a suitable campaign, so they can reach a wider audience and show there is something new and innovative, which is worth the time or the voters. The big challenge is to change the way parties communicate and for that reason some techniques and tactics, mainly using social media platforms, are proposed, targeting the young voters, aged 16-22.

2.0 Outline of the situation

After the Referendum in September 2014, where it was voted ‘NO’ by 55%, some of the parties have increased the number of their members, which places the politics in a dynamic position. According to Richard Keen (2015, p.1) ’the membership of the three main political parties is at a historic low: less than 1% of the UK electorate is now a member of the Conservative, Labour or Liberal Democrat Party’. The parties in the UK are competitors now and it is important for each of them to promote their ideology successfully. Therefore, all the factors should be carefully considered before planning a campaign. This needs to happen fast, having in mind the fact, that there are only four months before the election day.

2.1 The Labour party

According to Kellner (2014) voters do not like not just the leaders, but the lack of original thinking of the Labour party. A lot of people now are also associating it with its problems, so it is very important to find a decent way to engage with the voters. The party is facing some communication issues, regardless the fact that it is one of the main parties in the UK, it is not so well trusted by the voters. ...

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...hed, the most efficient of which are the social media platforms. There is a good chance of engaging with the audience through series of posts and videos on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter, which show the ideology of the Labour party in an innovative way and represent the politicians as ‘human beings’, so the voters can relate to them. Informational posts about how exactly the voting happens and some interesting facts about the political history can contribute to the success. It is important for the Labour party to be consistent and patient, as well as to follow the statistics and use some tricks as posting during specific times of the day and seeing which content receives more feedback. A campaign like this cannot assure the success and the results of the elections but could draw attention from the younger generation to the politics and the Labour party in particular.

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