Essay on The Ucla Boys Baseball Team

Essay on The Ucla Boys Baseball Team

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The UCLA’s Boys baseball team has been around since way back when in the 1920’s. They are my favorite collegiate team because first, they are amazing, and also because they never give up. When I was a little girl, my dream school was UCLA, as I got older I realized how far away. I knew I could not go there but that did not mean that I could not follow their sports teams. Since they are on the west coast they play in the Pacific 12 conference, they also play in the NCAA as a division one school. Their home stadium is know as the Jackie Robinson stadium and is located only a couple miles away from the University. The most fascinating thing about the boys baseball team is that they have made an appearance at five college world series games and they actually won the college world series in 2013.
In the year of 1969 the UCLA boys baseball team went to their first college world series. They were led by seniors, Chris Chambliss and Steve Edney, the coolest part about that is Chris Chambliss went on and played major league ball for the Indians, Yankees, and Braves. When they made it to regionals they defeated Santa Clara but ended their season getting beat by Tulsa 6-5 in the tenth inning. Even though they lost to Tulsa and Atlanta they still managed to place seventh. In the season of 1997 they advanced to the college world series again but this time they were ranked first in their conference and they even better players. Their team that season included future major league players such as Troy Glaus, Jim Parque, and Eric Byrnes. Jon Heinrichs, Tom Jacquez, Eric Valent, and Peter Zamora. When they playing at the world series game they struggled with their pitching and sadly lost. The next time the boys appeared at the colleg...

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...of the campus. The Department failed at the lawsuit because there was not enough proof to punish them (Future of Jackie Robinson Stadium).
In conclusion, you can see why I would like the UCLA Bruins baseball team so much. They have never given up and that helped them win their championship. It shows that if you keep pursuing at something that you want it can be accomplished. Another thing that really stuck out of me was how many guys they have sent ot the major leagues. If they have that many guys in the major league, then you know that they are doing something right. The leadership on the team is very powerful as well because John Savage sets good and positive examples for his boys, setting a routine and sticking to it shows responsibility and power. I love watching them play and I can not wait to see what they will be able to accomplish in the future.

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