U2: More Than Rock ‘n’ Roll Essay

U2: More Than Rock ‘n’ Roll Essay

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There is a saying that goes something along the lines of: It’s never easy to stay on top. After reading extensively into the rock band known as U2, I can without a doubt say that they are the exception to that rule. This band’s rise to fame and fandom has had very few bumps along the way and I’m excited to tell you more about the members, their roots, why their music is impacting the world, and what they’re doing with their fame and fortune.
Currently the band consists of four members, each one an original to the foundation of the band, but when the group was originally created there were three other participants. Larry Mullen Jr. had posted an advertisement at Mount Pleasant Comprehensive School, where he and the others went, for musicians to audition for a yet-to-be-named band (Kootnikoff, p. 3). What I found most interesting about their early years was that, while most bands that are formed by teenagers are “garage bands”, this band was established in Larry Mullen’s kitchen back in the ‘70s. Additionally, despite The Edge and Adam Clayton being born in England the band is considered Irish, though there have been various awards given to U2 that claim them to be the best British something-or-other. Ultimately, they were founded in Dublin, Ireland where they all met through their school. Today, U2 consists of Bono also known as Paul David Hewson, The Edge also known as David Howell Evans, Larry Mullen Junior, and Adam Clayton. However, the three other men that responded to Larry’s advertisement with the others were: Dik Evans, the older brother of The Edge; and two friends of Larry’s- Ivan McCormick and Peter Martin (Chatterton, p.130). This band would be called Feedback and eventually lead to the amazing rock group we know and l...

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