U-Factor ratings and Replacement Window Renewal by Andersen New Jersey Showroom

U-Factor ratings and Replacement Window Renewal by Andersen New Jersey Showroom

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When customers come into our Renewal by Andersen New Jersey showroom we spend a lot of time talking about glass choices, frame options and decorative features. Homeowners want windows and doors that look great and don’t need tons of upkeep to stay beautiful. We are proud to offer windows that look terrific while protecting homeowners’ investment and the environment.

Technological advances in design and manufacturing processes improve performance. We thought you might like some more in-depth descriptions of what makes a window more efficient. So here is a little primer on industry jargon to help you understand ratings and why they matter.
Understanding U-Factor and Why it Matters

All windows gain and lose heat. Controlling how much solar and “non-solar heat” a window loses or gains through glass and/or glazing has a big influence on heating and cooling costs for homeowners. U-factor doesn’t just consider the panes and glazing though. Other considerations like frame material, overall construction that prevents air leaks and gaps, and spacing material between panes also affect the performance and efficiency.

The lower the U-factor rating is for a window, skylight or door the higher the energy-efficiency expectations. The U-factor only rates non-solar heat transfer. As part of our commitment to offer the best replacement window products available on the market, we build in features and characteristics that control heat transfer.

Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey windows have many characteristics that ensure lower u-factor ratings.

Operable windows, like awning and casement styles, that open and close have special weather-stripping designed to seal tightly to prevent air leakage.
Dual-pane windows use optimal interior spac...

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...a comparison between SHGC and VT and identifies the performance of windows by measuring the amount of light transmitted against the amount of heat transfer.
Does R-Factor Really Matter?

The R-factor provides a measurement for insulating properties and characteristics. Normally, a higher number represents higher insulation value. The R-factor is more important when choosing inoperable windows since they are fixed. Operable windows with weather-stripping and sealing mechanisms to prevent air leaks are better evaluated with U-factor ratings.
Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey Wants You to Understand Industry Ratings

Do you have more questions about U-factor and R-factor ratings? Ready to schedule a home inspection tp discuss the best glass options for your home. Fill in the form on this page and we'll get right back to you. Better yet, give us a call at 1-888-826-2451.

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