The Typology Test Indicate I Possess Characteristics From The Enfj And Infj Types

The Typology Test Indicate I Possess Characteristics From The Enfj And Infj Types

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My results from the typology test suggest I possess characteristics from the ENFJ and INFJ types. Although they are similar, I believe I do possess different traits from both typologies and other components. The characteristics listed in my personality types suggest strengths that will contribute to my personal style of therapy. They also suggested certain weaknesses that I will need to overcome in order to be successful in this field.
Corresponding to the extroversion component of the ENFJ type, I have been told I am very personable and charismatic. Similarly, I have always expressed a genuine love and interest in others. My drive comes from my want to help others in any way I can enable them. This warmth and sincerity is considered a strength, and it should help me gain a rapport with my clients.
Another characteristic of extroversion is a great deal of involvement. While completing my undergraduate degree, I was involved in multiple organizations on campus and held numerous leadership positions. In the past my drive to help others has made it difficult for me to refuse others help. This has led to circumstances where I have overextended myself and overwhelmed myself with the responsibilities of others. Aware of this weakness, I have attempted to resolve it by knowing my limits of what I can and cannot handle and taking care of my well-being.
Like introversion in the INFJ type, I also enjoy time alone and like completing tasks by myself. Although I have many acquaintances, I only have a few close friends that I confide in. When faced with an issue I tend to reflect alone rather than include other people. I understand I may face ethical situations in this profession where I will need to consult my colleagues for assistance.

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...s as ENFJ and INFJ will ultimately shape my personal style of therapy in counseling. The warmth and sincerity I express due to my want to help others will prove to help build my relationships with clients. Also my ability to play devil’s advocate and understand both sides of arguments will help me gain an overall understanding of problems. My capacity to remember events vividly allows me to remember the facts and determine their overall meaning. And although remaining sensitive is important, I will need to learn how to communicate effectively and not allow my caring nature to be abused. Also, planning and organization can be beneficial for my work ethic. But as mentioned before, it is important to remain flexible when working with various clients. Solidifying my strengths and overcoming my weaknesses will allow me to be successful as a counselor and more self-aware.

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