The Typical Profile Of The Female Offender Essay

The Typical Profile Of The Female Offender Essay

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Corrections – Week 10 – Review questions

1) What is the ‘typical profile’ of the female offender?
The ‘typical profile’, of a female offender is that they are likely to have a history of trauma, suffer from a mental illness and have substance abuse and alcohol issues. Further, most are illiterate and have had a long history of unemployment. It is possible they have could have been/be involved in violent relationships. They are likely to be the primary care giver for their children, but not have the support of a partner to raise her children. It is possible that they have had trouble accessing adequate accommodation, especially if they have children.
2) Please explain the specific disparities experienced by females post release!
Females experience several disparities post release, including employment, housing, parole, access to health care and services along with the transition from prison to living independently in the community.
The transition from prison to living in the community can be particularly bothersome for female offenders. Obtaining employment can be rather difficult as they have a criminal record and most jobs require the applicant to undergo a police check. Most offenders have low levels of education which can make it more difficult to obtaining a job. If they obtain employment it is usually poorly paid and this makes it incredibly difficult to pay rent, buy food and provide for their children.

In particular, females who have spent time in prison experience great difficulty in accessing adequate accommodation. While finding housing is a significant problem that all women face post release, it can be further burdened if they are trying to access housing for their children as well. If an offender is imprisoned f...

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...ned it takes a significant toll on the family unit as they tend to take on the main role of thecarer in families. Not only does this have social and economic impacts on the family, but the community as well.
6) What are the current strategies to help reverse the trend of increasing female incarceration rates?
There are more programs that are gender specific to prevent or decrease the likelihood of women offending. While these services are limited, they focus on the particular needs of the female offender. Women’s needs are more complex and they face more disparities in comparison to male offenders. These programs and services aim to target these areas.

Stone, U. (2016). Lecture eight: The female offender in prisons and Community Based Corrections – specific issues and disparities with male prisoners. Lecture presented in RMIT University, Melbourne.

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