The Types of People I Encounter Essay

The Types of People I Encounter Essay

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We pass all different types of people every day. On our way to work, at the train station, at school, or anywhere else we go. Upon first glance these people have nothing in common, but if you look deep enough, you can always find something that links them together in this crazy life.
On my way to school today I passed an artist by the fountain at the park. He was sitting on a stool in a black, v-neck t-shirt with multiple paint stains, gray cargo pants, and long, curly, black hair poking out of his green beanie. He was painting a colorful picture of a couple kissing as I approached. As I got closer, I could see he was painting her pink dress that sharply contrasted the dark green trees that surrounded them when I passed by. He looked so caught up in the moment trying to capture every detail, down to the yellow leaf floating down to the ground. He looked free; like he could accomplish anything with that paint brush in his hand.
I also passed by a bustling business man wearing a freshly steamed black suit, with a red tie and a tightly cut hair style. He was frantically talking on his headset, scheduling a meeting, while typing the time into another top-of-the-line cell phone. As he finished that, he dialed another number to apologize for being late to their seven o’clock meeting. He looked like he might have a stroke when a taxi zoomed by him splashing water from a puddle on the road; cursing them as their tail lights faded away. He kept frantically looking at his watch as another taxi passed him by. He was obviously stressed out by his day, and it was only seven in the morning. He was the type of man with a tight schedule and he never missed a beat.
These were two very different men. The artist was so free. Free to do whatever...

... middle of paper ...

...usiness man started in the too-small cubical, being the man who brought the boss coffee and answered phone calls and wrote down meetings. Now he attends the meetings, not just schedule them. People listen to him and his thoughts and value his opinion. He was to impress clients and his bosses. He has to plan and schedule to fit everything into his day. He is always working on doing his best so he can work his way up. He is always working one day at a time so that some day he has someone calling him boss.
We pass people every day and only see how different they are. We judge them on their clothes and how they act and just pass them by. We are all different in some ways, but when we really look at people, we see that they are not that different after all. They may dress different, or act different, but they all have dreams and goals. That’s what ties us all together.

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