Types Of Outlines Of An Outline Essay

Types Of Outlines Of An Outline Essay

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Various Types of Outlines
I would love to stand here and present an antidote to illustrating how useless an outline can be, but I would be doing you a huge injustice. To begin, an outline is a plan or general description of it without going in depth, a ruff draft. Different outlines give rise to different possibilities and uses. Some outlines are used to assist with the brainstorming process while others are used to assist in paragraph cohesion. The underline goal of an outline is to ensure that you organize your paper by checking to see if and how your ideas connect to each other, or whether you need to remove a point or two. The most commonly used outlines are paragraph, scratch, sentence, and topic. A topic or scratch outline is used in the brainstorming process because of how similar they are to the process itself. Once these outlines are completed, they are normally converted into a Sentence outline to provide more in-depth detail. The Paragraph outline is then used to assist with paragraph cohesion. Each of these outlines have their pros and cons, but can be used in conjunction with different types of presentations or paper depending on how in depth you need it to be.
A Topic Outline is most likely one of the first types of outlines needed to being working on a presentation or paper. This outline consists of a list of words and phrases versus full sentences, like a Sentence outline. Of all the outlines this would probably be the easiest to use when collecting your thoughts and organizing them based on how you need the information to flow. In most cases the topic outline is used as a ruff draft, then converted into a sentence outline to add more details and depth. Like most outlines, this outline arranges your ideas by h...

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...ore organized manner without going to in-depth. It normally consists of single words or phrases to formulate a basic structure commonly known as a ruff draft. Once completed the information is then transferred into a Sentence outline to refine your thoughts and add more detail to provide greater insight. This outline uses full sentences to give in-depth detail and present a greater clarity on the information that will be listed within your paper. This outline is so detailed that the first draft of you’re paper can be written by adding examples and minor details to it. Once completed a Paragraph outline can be used to check the cohesion between your paragraphs. By assisting in identifying the main idea of each paragraph and then breaking down the supporting details to confirm if they support the main idea gives you the ability to add, refine, or remove if necessary.

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