Types Of Neurons That Help The Brain Communicate With The Central Nervous System

Types Of Neurons That Help The Brain Communicate With The Central Nervous System

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The human brain is very complex is structure and function. What the brain does and how it plays a key part in everyday life functions such as moving, eating, and temperature control. The brain has four different lobes that function and perform differently from the other. The Adult human brain weighs about 3 lbs. containing about 85% water that consists of gelatin and over 100 billion neurons (Bostwick & Weber, 2013). The brain is responsible for controlling the bodies many functions and interactions with the outside world. The Nervous system directs all the functions of the human body making the Nerve cells or neuron the basic element of the nervous system. Neurons are highly specialized cells that vary greatly in functions (Bostwick & Weber, 2013). There are three main types of neurons that help the brain communicate with the central nervous system (Bostwick & Weber, 2013). Efferent (motor neurons), which conveys information to the muscles and glands, Afferent (sensory neurons), which carries information from sensory receptors to the central nervous system and Interneurons, which carries and processes sensory information (Bostwick & Weber, 2013). Neurons have three basic parts; Cell body, Dendrites, and Axon, generally covered by fatty tissues called Myelin Sheath. All neurons have two basic properties; Excitability- The ability to respond to a stimulus (anything that arouses a response) and Conductivity- The ability to transmit a signal (Bostwick & Weber, 2013). The Central Nervous system is the Brain, Spinal cord, and sense organ (eyes) controlling the thought processes, guiding movements, and registration of the sensations throughout the body (Bostwick & Weber, 2013). Another important part of the brain is the Brainstem. The ...

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...al Ganglia (involved with musculoskeletal movement) (Bostwick & Weber, 2013).
The deep portion of the brain is called Diencephalon. It contains the thalamus, Hypothalamus, Epithalamus, and the Ventral Thalamus. These parts of the autonomic nervous system are in control of heart rate, blood pressure, temperature regulation, water, electrolytes balance, digestive functions, behavioral responses, and glandular activities (Bostwick & Weber, 2013).
The brain is a fascinating organ, being one of the largest and most complex parts of the human body, involving so many different parts of a function but still coexisting in such a small and confined location, the skull. The brain becomes amazing because of what it’s capable of creating and doing for the mind and body. Every thought and movement ever made or predicted by the body came from the brain, isn’t the brain amazing.

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