The Types Of Muscle Tissue Essay

The Types Of Muscle Tissue Essay

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The three different types of muscle tissue that exist in a human body are cardiac, smooth, and skeletal. Cardiac muscle is an involuntary muscle that is only present in the heart. It has responsibilities such as pumping blood throughout an entire body’s circulatory system. Smooth muscle is also an involuntary muscle. It is found in the trachea, intestines, and bladder; therefore, it has responsibilities such as slowly contracting and relaxing pressure on its surrounding organs. Lastly, skeletal muscle is a voluntary muscle tissue that assists in movement. It is located where bones and tendons are connected. Most organs in a human body are surrounded by skeletal muscle.
A skeletal muscle is composed of many muscle fibers that allow it to contract when exposed to a stimulus. If enough skeletal muscle fibers are present and able to sense the stimulus, this will cause muscle contraction of the entire muscle. However, if not all the muscle fibers are able to sense the stimulus, a small muscle twitch will occur with a weak stimulus. A muscle twitch is when a muscle has the ability to relax and contract quickly, it occurs when there is a single, quick electrical stimulus that still causes a short contraction. The strength of the muscle contraction correlates to the amount of individual muscle fibers responding to the stimulus.
There are many factors that can affect the threshold stimulation of a muscle. The purpose of this lab was to determine if the workload amount applied on various frog muscles had a corresponding relationship to an increasing stimulation. The muscles workload shows how much a particular muscle can bear, while the threshold stimulation shows weakest electrical stimulation that causes the muscle to twitch. The point...

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... affected the data table. Not going in 0.5 intervals for every muscle at every workload would conclude to inaccurate data if not all electrical stimuluses’ were tested.
In conclusion, this lab was performed to see if various electrical stimulations and workload weights had an effect on different types frog muscles. This lab is crucial to real world applications because muscles are present in every living organism – and mainly beneficial to humans. There are many different types of muscles containing a range of functions that are crucial to movement in the human body that we use from day to day. Doing this lab informed people that the greater number of muscle fibers a muscle contains that responses to a stimulus will lead to a greater strength of contraction. This lab showed which muscles are the most important to movement and why muscle twitch/contractions occur.

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