Essay about Types of Motivation for Employees

Essay about Types of Motivation for Employees

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Talking about a good business management, communication between costumers and producers is obviously required. However, this thing can not be happening without the support of internal resources. ‘resources’ here refers to human; the people who work in a business institution. good communication among the employees needed can give a good impact on the business growth. Every business company has their own method in building this good situation. the most important aim of the method itself is to motivate. Motivation is considered to be efficiently influential in creating the high performance of the employees. There are two kind of motivation that non-monetary motivation and monetary motivation are included. Non-monetary motivation is money are not included as reward for motivations method. Second method is monetary motivations. Monetary otivation is money are included as reward for motivation of labour.
Example of monetary rewards:
- Bonus (in form of money)
- Idul fitri bonus (in form of money)
Second is non-monetary motivation that the point of the essay, non monetary
motivation is motivation that gives reward for employee’s in form of materials or guaranteed offers reward.
Example of non-monetary rewards:
- Insurance offer from company to workers
- Bonus (in form of safe items for work)
- Promotions
Those two different types of motivations comes from perspective from the company. at some point, there are responsible department who take responsibility for all employees called Human Resources Management. Human resource Management (HRM) is defined as the policies, practices, and systems that influence employees’ behavior, attitudes, and performance. They usually worked for satisfaction for internal organization such...

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...better by train them, motivate them and give good service for workers to work better for the company. Good productivity become certainly answer for the company. now does non monetary could keep existing of motivation in the workers? It could because workers also needed guaranteed life of their family also for them self. By provided good insurance and good rewards for working at the company, existing motivation in good performances are still exist and give good services with standards regulation of government. Giving good production and reached target make satisfied in both sides customers and producers. insurance is most top of the workers need, data of insurance by workers and their family are gonna published.

Ulrich, Dave. Human Resource Champions; the next agenda for adding value and delivering results. First Edition. Harvard Business School Press, 1996.

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