Essay on The Types Of Memories That Are An Integral Part Of Our Everyday Lives

Essay on The Types Of Memories That Are An Integral Part Of Our Everyday Lives

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Remembrance is an integral part of our everyday lives. Both pleasant and unpleasant memories shape who we are as human beings. The definition of memory is two fold 1. “the faculty by which the mind stores and remembers information” and 2. “Something remembered from the past; a recollection” (Google Definition). The life of memory has three stages in which it is created. An event occurs in ones life it becomes encoded and stored in the brain. Following the encoding, the brain then has full access to retrieve the memory in a response to any current activity or thought. Memories are unique to each person. There are three main types of memories that are studied. An individual memory is one that is formed by his or her personal experiences. An institutional memory is formed by a group of people. It is formed through their experiences as a group. A collective memory is one that is made between two or more peoples shared recollection of a specific event. The types of collective memories that are studied range from topics of ethnicity, to generational, to national, to professional and more. With memory we are able to focus on the past and learn from our achievements and failures within society. Without memory, we are inclined to make the same mistakes of the past.
The politics of memory is the idea that objective opinions can shape the way an event is remembered or forgotten. Memories are influenced by cultural and political factors as seen in the remembrance of World War II. The politics of memories structure collective memories. Each person had an extremely different experience during the Holocaust. This was due to the social and political norms during the Nazi period. The Jewish communities, as well as other a couple other communiti...

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...tionally there was more going on in those camps than what meets the eye.
When visiting Mauthausen, I noticed something strange. We were over looking what used to be the former S.S. soccer field. A field that was previously situated right next to the barracks kept for the sickly and old prisoners, essentially where they were just left to die. Nowadays it is a large flat green field. The only trace of the barracks was an outline left on the green grass where the building used to sit. Thanks to old photos we were able to imagine the layout of the camp more clearly. In the upper right corner is where this field was located.

Figure 1 An aerial view of Mauthausen Concentration Camp, 1944
While our group was listening to our tour guide talk about how the citizens of the town Mauthausen used to come to these exact soccer fields to watch the S.S. soccer team play against

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