Types Of Management Concepts And Organizational Structures Essay

Types Of Management Concepts And Organizational Structures Essay

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This composition endeavors to discern the characteristics attributed to two varieties of management concepts. First, it evaluates the management features of a regional insurance and investment firm utilizing an Operational Management approach. This approach, embraces a cohort of fundamental management science, and theory proficiencies, augmented by aptitudes relevant to supplementary management methodologies and theories (Koontz, 1980). Next, this Operational Management concept is juxtaposed against a model of Classical Management frequently utilized in traditional vertical organizations (Pryor, Humphreys, Taneja, & Toombs, 2011). After which, the effectiveness of the regional business’ management methodology is evaluated. Finally, this work provides an overview of a differential management theory incorporating aspects of each of these types of management concepts and organizational structures. While utilizing Operational Management concepts might benefit organizations across the organizational structural spectrum. The author suggests, organizations constructed in horizontal or flat structures are uniquely suited to Operational Management concepts, and might prove to be ideal environs, in which these concepts could enable managers to thrive as coordinator-cultivators of corporate achievement (Malone, 2010).
Business Utilizing Operational Management Practices
The following evaluation is based upon the management practices utilized by a regional insurer and investment firm employing approximately 430 personnel. The organization incorporates many of the fundamental management principles found in most organizations such departmental spans of management, managerial assessment, and conceptions of managerial process control (...

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...erformance (Pryor, et. al., 2011). Initially, the author provides an assessment of organizational management characteristics at a regional insurance and investment firm at which he is employed. This evaluation discussed the basic management practices utilized by the firm and features of the firm’s management structure and principles aligned with Operational Management ideologies. Next, the author investigates principles of Operational Management versus those aligned with the model of Classical Management. After which, a discussion regarding the efficiencies and effectiveness of the organizational management methodologies utilized by the author’s employer is undertaken. Finally, the author explores a differential management system utilized in Chinese organizations featuring the combination of high levels of centralized control with low levels of bureaucracy.

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