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Types Of Hunting And Hunting Essay

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Bang! The adrenaline is flowing now! You see the biggest buck you have ever seen laying there on the ground. All the things you’ve worked for this whole past year has finally come together. Allowing you to make that kill of a lifetime. What I just described to you is exactly what happened to me November the 12th,2015, but to reach that amazing adventure there were many things I had to do to achieve my goal. With hunting, a lot of things play into factor such as the time of year to hunt/scouting, types of hunting, and also meal prep. All theses things are important to the hunt.

The first thing you need to know about hunting is, there are two forms of hunting when it comes to hunting season as a whole. The work you put into hunting is called scouting. Scouting is your pre hunt or the first form of hunting. The actual hunting season being the second form, is where the two forms of hunting are different. Scouting is a year round practice. Whereas the actual hunting season has specific dates and times. Scouting starts the day hunting season ends and stops the day hunting season starts. Meaning scouting is a year round process up till the day hunting season starts. Scouting is where the hunter takes the time to find out where to locate whatever animal you desire on hunting. While hunting season starts the first weekend of September, and in a lot of states the season starts with bow. Bow season starts the first weekend of September through the end of January. During this time there are many hunting season in between. Bow season usually comes earlier than muzzleloader season. A muzzleloader is a rifle that’s hand loaded,with black powder and a lead ball. With this you only have one shot. Muzzleloader season starts around the ...

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...ter cleaning your kill you have to let the meat cool down. To do this place your meat in a bowl of ice water. Meal prep to season you meat you want to use salt, pepper, and bbq sauce. This marinade is the best I have found so far. You want to let you meat soak over night. Cook your meat on the grill till fully cooked to well done. You do not want a medium to rare deer steak. For the soul purpose that this is a wild animal and could carry many forms of diseases.

So as you know now hunting can be very difficult sometime but also has its many benefits. There is a lot work to do to accomplish the goal you want to seek, from scouting, to baiting. In addition there are many responsibilities after the kill from tracking to cooking. So even though hunting is and has some difficulties I encourage you to venture out and try it for yourself. What have you got to loose?

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