Essay on Types Of Films Movies Are Everywhere

Essay on Types Of Films Movies Are Everywhere

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Types of Movies
Movies are everywhere. They are a part of everyone’s life. Think about it, how many movies do you
watch in a month or a week or even a day? Too many to even remember. Whether they watch them at
the movie theatre, or in their own home, they will find a way to watch a movie. Today electronics plays a
big role as well. People can watch movies on their phones, laptops, and tablets. There are hundreds of
different movie genres and types. There is a type of movie for everyone, no matter what type of person
you are. Movies can be organized into three categories: Slasher, Whodunnit, and RomCom.
First, there are Slasher movies. Slasher movies are a type of horror film. It includes a psychopath. The
psychopath uses bladed tools to murder many people. He or she will wear a very creative mask. The
killer is always quiet, which makes everything that more ominous. The killer usually has a story about
their traumatic childhood. These victims are almost always random and innocent. They a...

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