Types of Conditioning and Maslow's Hierarchy in A Clockwork Orange Essay

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The point of writing this paper is to show the different types of conditioning. It is also to make people better understand Maslow's hierarchy. Maslow explains basic needs for the normal person in his hierarchy. Classical and Opperant conditiong are shown in A Clockwork Orange. The film shows how Alex goes up and down the hierarchy. The film also shows in great detail what happens to Alex after classical conditioning. There will be further explanation and details on Watson and Pavlov and how they accomplished classical conditioning. B.F Skinner and Thorndike will show operant conditioning. The film shows good examples of these too.

We use learning in our everyday lives. Conditioning is part of that learning. There are two type of conditioning. Operant and Classical conditioning. Maslow's hierarchy plays a big part in out lives as well.
Classical Conditioning
Classical Conditioning involves the use of stimuli. According to the Psychology Textbook(Nevid, pg 181,2013), it says Classical conditioning “is the process to learning which a previously neutral stimulus comes to elicit a response identical or similar to one that was already elicitied by another stimulus as a result of the pairing or association to the two stimuli.” This is very long winded, and possibly hard to understand. What this definition means is that there are added stimuli to condition something to behave a certain way. Watson was big on this. He conditioned baby Albert to be afraid of anything that was fury. Watson had gotten Albert's mother's permission to perform these tests. Watson wanted to show he could condition someone to be afraid of anything. In this experiment, he took the baby and doc...

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...ital. They fed him well and he had an entire hospital wing to himself. The man who had conditioned him showed up and offered to take care of Alex and to be his friend. This shows Alex is starting to climb the pyramid again.
“A Clockwork Orange” is a perfect example for both types of conditioning and Maslow's hierarchy. It easily gives many examples in each area. These examples make it easier to explain both operant and classical conditioning. It also makes it easy to show the climb and descend down the pyramid, and the consequences.

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