Types of Communication Among Children with Behavioral Issues Essay

Types of Communication Among Children with Behavioral Issues Essay

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Communication is a key principle when dealing with everybody, but it is extremely important when dealing with children. This research paper will explain and discuss the different types of communication that are used with kids who experience behavioral issues. This paper is to inform those who have experienced a child with behavioral issues and the different communication skill that will help them reduce anger. The audience will include anyone who wants the information on children but especially parents, foster parents, and psychology majors. This communication’s research paper will help some better understand the choices they have when it comes to dealing with children with behavioral issues.
Three types of communication skills are researched when dealing with behavioral children. These include verbal, nonverbal, and listening. Verbal communication is used with a child who is one to talk. A child must feel comfortable talking about their problems in order for verbal communication to work. This communication skill is used the least do to the fact that many children have been hurt and unwilling to relive the pain by communicating. Verbal communication can sometimes take years for a child.
The second type of communication is nonverbal. This communication skill is very important when working with children who are deaf or have learning disabilities. Pictures or printed words help teach, when working with non-verbal children.
The third type is listening communication. This skill is extremely important when working with all children who have learning disabilities or who have been abused. The main way to get a child to trust again is to always listen. Listening is always key when focusing on children who have been abused and who hav...

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...ation skill they wish to use. Deaf children who have been abused will communicate nonverbal. Children who have been sexually abused will communicate verbal and nonverbal and children who have ADD-H will also communicate with nonverbal and verbal skills. The listening part of communication should come from those who they are speaking with. Remember to always listen to a child more than talking to them. Allow them to express themselves with their own communication skill.

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