Types Of Abuse Involving Relationships Essay

Types Of Abuse Involving Relationships Essay

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Did you know that 33% of adolescents are in relationships with sexual, physical, verbal, or emotional abuse? Although many adolescents are killed due to abusive relationships (nearly 4,000 women each year), teens stay in abusive relationships because they are afraid to leave, they think their partners will change, or they think that it is normal and that those things happen in every relationship.
There are six different types of abuse involving relationships. Men tend to be the ones abusing while woman tend to be the victims. One of the abusive ways is Mental Abuse. Some signs/symptoms of mental abuse involve: yelling or swearing, name calling, insults, mocking, threats, ignoring or excluding, and isolating. People who suffer from emotional abuse tends to have very low self-esteem, show personality changes (such as becoming withdrawn) and could have even become depressed, anxious or suicidal. If you are in a mentally abusive relationship, stop the abuse cycle by not allowing the abuser to have control over you. If they recognize they cannot control you and stops or says that they love you and is trying to stop, encourage them to get help.
Another type of relationship abuse is Physical Abuse. People who are being physically abused may have very low self-esteem, show major personality changes, or may be depressed, anxious, or suicidal. Nearly one in 10 high school students will experience physical violence from someone they’re dating. Some examples of physical abuse include: slapping, hitting, shoving, grabbing, hair pulling, biting, and throwing objects at a person. Some early warnings of physical abuse are: going into a rage when disappointed or frustrated; teasing, tripping, or pushing; threatening to injure.
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...eaming at you. If you haven’t been together for a while and they pressure you to have a serious relationship, or if they pressure you into having sex.
If you are in a relationship that makes you feel uncomfortable, tense or scared, go with your feelings and leave. It could become, or may already be, abusive. If you don’t want to leave the relationship, you need to know that the violence will not just stop or go away. You cannot change your boyfriend or girlfriend’s behavior. Remember! You are not responsible for the abuse. You have every right to say no. No boy or girl has the right to tell you what you can or can’t do. What you can and can’t wear or to tell you who can and can’t be friends with. If you are experiencing an abusive relationship tell an adult or someone you can trust. Get help and get out of it. You can’t change the way your boyfriend/girlfriend acts.

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