Essay on Typeface Designer Adrian Frutiger : The Typeface Of The Future

Essay on Typeface Designer Adrian Frutiger : The Typeface Of The Future

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Avenir Typeface:The Typeface of the Future
Typeface designer Adrian Frutiger was an exceptional designer who created some of today’s most used typefaces. Born 1928 in Interlaken, Switzerland. Frutiger is a well-versed designer who has worked in photographic and digital typesetting as well as designing typeface. He got his start by age 16 as a printer’s apprentice, and, after that, furthered his education at the Zurich School of Arts and Crafts. From 1948 to 1951 he studied sculpture and design, but his primary focus was calligraphy. After schooling, he worked for Deberny & Peignot in 1952. Frutiger has built a legacy that has changed the world of type. In his lifetime he has designed more than one hundred and seventy typefaces, many which have become the standard to use in day-to-day life. Out of those one hundred and seventy typefaces, there is Avenir, which he considers to be one of his best works.
Frutiger grew interest in san serif typefaces and felt that it was his obligation to design a linear styled version. His intended purpose was to design a typeface that would represent the future and meet the needs of modern typographers. He drew inspiration from the typefaces Erbar and Futura and came up with the typeface Avenir in 1988. The name alone conveys Frutiger’s ideas and intentions, as the name means future in French. He described this design as, “intended to be nothing more or less than a clear and clean representation of modern typographical trends, giving the designer a typeface which is strictly modern and at the same time human, i.e., suitably refined and elegant for use in texts of any length”(Pao and Berger).
Frutiger’s main concern was making sure that his latest invention was legible. He tried to, “make use of the ...

... middle of paper ...

...s. The company Best Buy even modified the font for its advertising material, using a version of Avenir Next. Avenir is the primary sans serif typeface for Wake Forest University. The university believes that the simplicity and strength of the typeface represents the spirit of the university well. BBC Two in The UK has adapted the use of Avenir with its corporate logo, and across the globe in Japan, the typeface is used at the Hong Kong International Airport.
Adrian Frutiger is a brilliant typographer who has achieved a lot during his lifetime. It is his skills and talent that have influenced the world of typography. His typeface Avenir has such a beautiful and sophisticated style, that it has gained popularity worldwide. You can see the typeface in magazines, online and even when you look at your iPhone. It is a timeless typeface that will be used centuries from now.

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