Essay about The Type Of Student I Am

Essay about The Type Of Student I Am

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Every high school student has their own strengths and flaws. Some people have the type of student that they are present in their mind, to help through school. Still being in high school, my student performance has transformed through the course of the years. For myself, I always knew what type of student I was; it took some time for my “student persona” to really reveal itself. I characterize myself as an overachiever and extremely organized; however, my procrastination has led me to a bumpy road through high school.
`Being the overachiever has been my biggest strength in school. Ever since I was a child, my parents heavily influenced that my education should be my number one priority. Getting an A on an assignment was not rewarded in my household; it was the norm. As I grew up, this mentality became my identity. However, when I entered my first year of high school, everything seemed to change. I was exposed to a new environment. Nothing seemed to have a consequence; I would go to school to socialize with my friends more than to learn. I was sucked in to peer pressure leading me to make bad decisions. At the moment, I cared enough to pass my classes, but not enough to perform at my highest potential. At the end of freshman year, I received my report card and when I saw the wicked looks that my parents had when I showed them, I knew I had to change how I was performing in school. Immediately the mentality that my parents established upon me restored. All of sophomore year I worked as hard as I could to obtain straight A’s. While I was in this process “overachiever mode” was at its fullest potential. I would do more than what was expected of me. I would stay after school for an extra class, to get more c...

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...g this goal. I find myself fortunate enough to have the experience of college; and with this year that I am here, I come with an objective of becoming a strategic student to improve my performance in school for the future.
I have personally sculpted the student I am today. I have learned to distinguish my type of student; being the overachiever and the extremely organized procrastinator, led me through high school. I learned to mold my habits through my own experiences. I knew that my parents had high expectations of me, even though I knew I was not the smartest girl in class. Hence being the overachiever helped me do well in school. I also learned that I needed to be organized to be successful. However my procrastination gave me some failures in school. I will probably never change the student that I am; I can reach for improvement but never change completely.

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