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There are three main categories that a phobia can fall under. The three categories are as follows. First, Specific phobias, which are usually your phobias of something such as spiders, clowns or even something like your dentist. Specific phobias fall under a category of simple phobias. A simple phobia is something, or someone that people are disproportionately fearful of.

The next two categories of phobias are considered complex phobias. These phobias are inter connected to the memory. They usually deal with a certain situation or some circumstance. Social phobias which have now been reclassified as Social Anxiety Disorder is when a person finds being in at social event unbearable and difficult. For example, going to a wedding, or a party becomes extremely dreadful. People who suffer from a social phobia are mainly fearful of being humiliated in front of a large crowd. With the social phobias, these people might have been at one point been embarrassed in front of a large crowd and are frightened to have it happen again. Experts have reported that during the teenage years if already developed they will more than likely isolate themselves until adulthood. During this time people whom have a social phobia can go into depression and will ultimately change their entire lifestyle.
The final category of a phobia is the agoraphobia. One who has an agoraphobia is frighten of being in a situation where he or she cannot escape. They fear being desperate or not being saved from this certain situation. People may dread being on buses or going into large shopping malls. If bad enough these people will isolate themselves inside of their home where they feel the most secure. Much like social phobias people who suffer from agoraphobias avoid l...

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