The Two Worlds in Great Expectations Essay

The Two Worlds in Great Expectations Essay

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As spoken by Mr. Jaggers in the famed book, Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens, “ Now, I return to this young fellow. And the communication I have got to make is, that he has Great Expectations (Dickens 107).” This statement was the single event that allowed for the rest of the occurrences of the book to happen as they did. It is very clear to me that the absence of this event would have deprived Pip of the great lessons he learned while being stuck between two worlds. Also, it would have been impossible for the other protagonists to mature to the point where they could also have had the same epiphany that Pip was so privileged to experience.
As we know, in the book, Charles Dickens tries to demonstrate how the protagonists are trapped between two worlds. The two worlds shown in the book are the upper-class and the lower-class, and, when contrasted, we can see just how different these two worlds are. The well-off upper-class is somewhat of a superficial setting where people have to project an image of wealth because they are judged by their material possessions. Therefore, people become prone to accumulating a good amount of debt. The characteristics of the upper-class aren't all negative, however. In the upper class, you have the opportunity to procure a respectable education, and aspire to whatever heights you wish to reach. On the other hand, the lower-class puts more emphasis on what kind of person you are mainly because in a lower-class setting everybody knows everybody. Also, there isn't much of a need to have items of luxury because the few possessions that the people own are tirelessly worked for. Finally, as opposed to the upper-class, there is a lack of education because more time must be put into making sure y...

... middle of paper ... his development he believes that Joe isn't good enough to be with him. The biggest issue that prevents Pip from returning to the lower-class is the fact that Miss Havisham and Estella made Pip believe that money and a certain appearance make you superior. Then, Pip became miserable because his shoes were shabby and he wasn't refined, and this made him want a gentleman's life so dearly that then he couldn't even think of returning to being a simple apprentice. Magwitch, however, had the problem of not belonging in the upper-class because he was unrefined and still a convict. Also, Magwitch would never have gone back to the lower-class willingly because he wanted to be a better person ever since his encounter in the graveyard with Pip. Different situations in the two worlds also make it impossible for both Pip and Magwitch to be a definitive member of either world.

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