The Two Types of Reactions in Polymerization Essay

The Two Types of Reactions in Polymerization Essay

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Polymerization can be divided into the two types of reactions, such as chain-growth and step-growth polymerization. Cationic polymerization is the step-growth type of polymerization. Otherwise, it is called as addition polymerization since the reaction requires addition of the substance of a certain initiator or a catalyst. In the cationic polymerization, the catalyst is cationic and it transfers the charge to the monomer in reac-tion. Cationic polymerization of biological oils occurs in presence of superacids. The re-search under consideration is going to study the process of cationic polymerization in the soybean oil with the help of the superacids as the catalyst.
This type of polymerization is not widespread in industry and therefore the mech-anism of such reaction has not been studied in detail (16). The purpose of the current re-search is to investigate how the process of cationic polymerization in the vegetable oils occurs. Soybean oil is taken as the resource for the research since it has around 4.6 double bonds / triglyceride that make it potentially polymerizable. It is suggested that the re-action under consideration may involve conjugation of double bonds in polyunsaturated fatty acids (linoleic and linolenic).
Ene reactions also supposedly may be faced in the process of reaction. The pas-sage of the ene reaction in the soybean oil is not a new phenomenon as it was reported in the experiment of Biswas et al. (23). The occurrence of the crosslinking ene reactions in the soybean oil, which was mixed with diethyl azodicarboxylate at the average room temperature, was the outcome of the experiment. It is suggested that ene reactions also can occur during the process of polymerization of the soybean oil with the superacids...

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... distinguish the properties such as weight. In the research under consideration the identification, quantification, and purifi-cation of the necessary compounds can be performed. The method is able to determine polymerized triglycerides in the vegetable oils (29) and thus it is highly beneficial for the research. Liquid chromatography is applicable in the variety of the practical spheres, such as medicine and legal study, so it has high reliability.
The discussed methods are of high value for the research’s outcome. With the combination of the analyses of different type, the process of formation of the oligomers in polymerized oils can be analyzed. The products of splitting will be analyzed during the research and the methods of linking of the triglyceride units in the polymerized oils will be studied. The conclusions will be based upon the empirical investigation.

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